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Favorite Recipes for Under-the-Weather Runners or Anyone!

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have super human immune systems so undoubtedly sickness will come around – and things must be remedied so here are a few recipes I LOVE from when I’m feeling sub-par…

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Mouth-Breathing is So Unattractive: Listening To Your Body & Fighting the Mental Battle

Rest and I don’t have a super close relationship, and forcing myself to go down is like trying to tie up a calf at a rodeo, kicks a-firing, add in the mental health aspect and it’s a full on show.

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Forever Taking Pictures of Your Food – Happy 3 Years Babe!

Today Jon and I turn 3. Something about 3 shifts my perspective. This year was the best one yet, however it came with a little dose of everything laughter, excitement, exhilaration, but also pain, growth, and surrender. Most importantly though, love. It sounds gushy and it kind of is, but we had to fight through […]

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Gaining Mileage, How A+B Does Not Always Equal C, and the Importance of Recovery

Gaining mileage : Pain + Strength + Recovery

My background is not in running. Running half and full marathons wasn’t a norm for me, until I started working at Big Peach I didn’t even know there was such thing as a Cross Country Spike. It wasn’t until 5 years ago that I dove in and fell in love with my feet on the road.

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The Process of Healing and the Beauty of The 61 Exchange

Making a beeline off the stage towards a quiet room to take a few breaths, then back into the auditorium pressing my face into Jon’s chest and letting myself weep… They never said vulnerability was comfortable and they never said you wouldn’t have every feeling under the sun once you brought darkness into light, but He said you would find freedom and that’s worth it all.

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The World Needs More Parks

Isolation. The enemy lives there. He yearns for you to meet him there, to be anxious with your own thoughts, to fear the outside and the attacks it may bring. On the brink of training for my first pro race and a few speaking engagements he whispers those lies into my head that I’m better […]

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