Monthly Archives: January 2021

Complete and Utter Chaos

*Another prompt from my friends at Pink Pangea We closed the curtains of the van as we drove deeper into the city. The roads went in every direction, how one could possibly navigate it all I did not know. Our driver made one thing clear: keep the windows closed if you can and keep purses […]

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Without a Care in the World…

There is an excellent travel blog site called Pink Pangea; they give writing prompts and I wanted to share a little bit of my heart onto these blog pages. I see his tiny blue eyes gazing at something other than the toys on his play mat or the neighbors dog for the first time. He’s […]

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Fueling for the New Year and Beyond

I found myself typing this out in the last few hours of 2020, the week had been a whirlwind. For all the hard moments of the past year there have also been the best, as a new mom of a now 9 month old and learning how to navigate this sweeter yet harder version of […]

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