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You are welcome here.

This place has travel, foodie finds, race, and mental health blog posts. It has workouts you can do ANYWHERE, and recipes you might want to try. There are resources I hope you find helpful. Overall, I hope you find this place to be a fresh breath, a place you can reset, a place you push start, and overall a home.

About Fueling Her Forward:

We’re the Woodson’s Me (Jordan), Jon, Kada – our 4 year old Lab/Pit mix, Kali our 3 year old mutt, and our newest addition Elijah born March 20, 2020. We got married in August of 2015 and it’s been a whirlwind since. We live in Atlanta, GA – I’m a true Georgia Peach. While I’ve been a competitive athlete most of my life via swimming, transitioning into running competitively several years ago wasn’t a complete change. I had no love or knack for cooking until we got married and then it was like a lightbulb automatically turned on. I have been through the ups and downs of a competitive athlete with eating disorder tendencies. Now through some of the weeds and postpartum, I love coming up with healthy and delicious recipes with Jon as the guinea pig. He is the most supportive man I could imagine, and I can’t wait to give you some recipes and training tips to be able to walk in God’s will for you to the fullest.


**I am Pn1 Certified in December 2017 so I am trained to give nutrition advice, but am not a registered dietitian.