Hello, Fresh Start – We’ve Moved!

So you might know me from dailypassions.com, but it’s 2017 and there will be a lot of changes over this year and moving to a WordPress, blog only format is just one of them!

Why? One of the goals for 2017 is to reduce the noise so I can listen for clarity. Last fall was very undoubtedly CRAZY, including: 5 race weekends, 5 weddings, 8 out of town trips, and holidays and parties galore and I lost it. No I became irritable, stretched thin, and every new thing was a stress factor. Most of the end of the year couldn’t be helped, it was locked in, however I looked forward to getting home for our vacation this past weekend with some goals in mind.

A little about me:

My name is Jordan, born and raised Georgia peach and Jesus lover. During my childhood and all the way through college I was a competitive swimmer who lost her identity in Jesus and turned it to the perishable crown D1 athletics. When I was finished God had to rebuild most everything in my life in order for me to start walking in the fullness He had for me. Now, I’m a runner and creative kitchen lover, and I want you to feel beautiful, encouraged, and full of purpose and passion every day even when it’s hard!

So what am I about:

Ultimately, Jesus. Specifically, keeping your body healthy so that you can be the hands and feet of Jesus in the most beautiful of ways.

So what will I write about:

Some of the same things you might have read before, but gaining some specificity. Focusing on training, healthy, easy, and fun recipes, some overviews & recaps of races and ways to stay on track and fight the good fight!

What’s up first – a recap of our past race weekend in Disney World and what’s to come this spring!

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