Updates – God’s Faithfulness and Fall!

Happy Fall – which it should start feeling like SO soon. However I already feel like I’m taking advantage of the dip below 70s in the morning before it gets below 50 already. I can handle down to 45, but 50-70 degrees is my running sweet spot and I get outside as much as I can. This past week was challenging, some hard things and a jam packed week left me feeling depleted, yet full. God does that when you let him, even on the hardest weeks He satisfies, but it led me to be somewhat reflective so here it goes:

Several blog posts have been written about my nutritional journey and some themes surrounding it so I thought an update might be a good idea! First things first, I’ve gained a good bit of weight. Last night talking to Jon I realized just how far I’ve come. That doesn’t mean that some days haven’t been harder than others, but food is more enjoyable, I’ve gotten some great tips from experts in the field, and energy is becoming more sustainable.

Regardless, I still have a ways to go, but things like strawberries dipped in chocolate flavored protein powder mixed in with flax seed, yogurt and almond milk makes a dream of chocolate covered strawberries (okay use your imagination but it’s a great way to get in healthy calories). God has been faithful through it all, but that means hard choices. Like putting my dream of qualifying for Boston on hold by completely cutting my full marathon schedule. After being less than two minutes away from the qualifying time in March and being the goal setter I am, this has been a hard call some Saturdays in a mental battle for consistently not getting in a run longer than 15 miles (and usually not over 10), but in wisdom choosing to take care of my body first because I will have to answer for how I’ve stewarded my body well when I stand before Jesus, not if I qualified for Boston or not.

But Saturday I actually got outside with full energy to run, not on a structured agenda, no mileage criteria or pace goal, but just to run and enjoy the morning and God was in it. I fell in love with a sport again, I saw it in the people who smiled and waved at me down the street, I saw it in the beauty of the morning, and the freeing feeling of just moving forward no matter the speed. That’s what it is about just leaning on Him to carry you one foot forward at a time, He is good, tender and faithful.

God has moved in other ways as well, through more time and energy spent in other environments and conversations with people who struggle with similar mental battles and goals. He is good all the time, no matter how hard some days seem, and my desire is to steward my body in the best way I can to glorify His name. I believe He is using this and will continue.

So what’s upcoming:

After not racing (except for the (1) random 5K) since fourth of July I will be back in action SOON! Next weekend brings the Mercedes-Benz Stadium 5K and the BuHi Half (still tbd), November brings Wine and Dine weekend at Disney World and in mid-December the JG 13.1. Just typing that seems hard and like I’m not doing much compared to other serious runners around me, but it’s far from true. Comparison is the thief of joy, and right now I’m enjoying taking my running a little less seriously, being outside, and looking forward to other things like my sisters bachelorette weekend, the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot, and of course the WEDDING in early December plus other small events like Passion Global Institute Lab and Peachy goes Pink on October 3rd (ALL MY ATL LADIES!).

Lord use my heart and my body for your praise and glory in whatever circumstance you allow me to be in!

Have a great week!

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