Beauty in The Blooms

Jesus. He’s the one who created me ever so intricately, He’s designed the passions, goals, and talents that would grip my heart and draw me closer to Him through it all. My savior, Healer, my Comforter, the Alpha and Omega. So that is where this all has to start.

There’s a new chapter, a new season ahead and it has one ultimate goal: to make His name famous with every step I take around the country and around the world. Alongside that: the encouragement of women to steward themselves and motivate them to live a healthy and fit lifestyle is pressing.

Where is this beginning and how? 

A few of you know about recent realization about just how rigid my training diet had become and some ways that I personally need to steward my own body better to stay healthy and be able to take each and ever step. So we are in this TOGETHER! Diet & nutrition is one place it starts.

Another place it starts is with partnerships! I have partnered with Nuun, as a Nuun ambassador for the year, Marque Modest Apparel (see featured image), and St. Jude’s and AACR as charities. Over the weeks I will not only dive more into these specific partnerships and how they are allowing me further opportunities to shine Jesus in the running community.

Reformatted Blog. While writing was put on my heart at the beginning of the year I haven’t known what that looks like until the Lord’s timing put it on my heart. And He is faithful to do it! That looks like nutrition and workout tips, race fundraising and upcoming events updates, a scripture based encouragement each week, and partner spotlights – cannot wait to share with you all!

Community Involvment. I will be so honest – I have one of the most amazing communities around so I need and want you to come alongside me. Here are some ways I will dive deeper into in the weeks to come: Financial Partners (this will include partner dinners, email updates, and other opportunities), community runs, women to women letters of encouragement/motivation, prayer, and so much more!

I cannot wait to see where the Lord takes this new season, thank you for coming alongside this in whatever it may look like. Let’s get to work for the Kingdom. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at:


1 Corinthians 6:20 – “For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body”

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