Why St. Jude’s?

If you follow me on social media you have probably seen that I am currently raising $500 towards St Jude’s Research Hospital to help fight childhood cancer. In turn, I’ll be running the St. Jude’s Rock N Roll Nashville Marathon. My last post talked about my conviction to put some purpose behind my running and this is just one of the ways I’ve felt called to do it. Appropriately hashtagging:


But why? There are 304238048 charities out there that you can be involved in on so many different levels. Excuse me if I sound repetitive but here is a little background behind why St. Jude’s and how cancer has affected my life on a really grand level!

When I was 14 I was down in Savannah, GA at our final Age Group State Swim Meet. All but one of my closest girlfriends was down there and we were having a great time and swimming fast until the last day. You see my friend, Marin, who was known to have seizures and was on medication for them, seized in the pool during one of her final races and had to be pulled out, but then something strange happened. Her vision was off and she was taken to the doctor, who quickly urged them to see a specialist.

BRAIN CANCER. When you are 14 that’s a lot to carry, surgeries and treatments would be happening rapidly, but the prognosis wasn’t great. Her final surgery left her paralyzed on one side, and 4 years later (yep she blew away her prognosis) in her final months she stopped being able to communicate. Marin met Jesus when we were just 18, in January of 2009.

Fast forward to 2013.

A cough had plagued my grandfather for months, and tests and more tests just kept us thinking it was pneumonia, until the final test which revealed an entirely different story.

LUNG CANCER. Experimental treatments, and the prognosis was good. Five, maybe ten years depending on his response. For a year it was treatment, checkups, but everything stayed relatively “normal”, he was still Pop. But mid-2014, just a year later, things shifted; fluid started to build regularly in his lungs, response to treatment started wearing him down, and hospital stays became more regular. On a family trip to Destin, FL in October of 2014 things turned for the worst and in December of 2014 after just one night in hospice, Pop met Jesus at 75.

Cancer has rattled my life, so drawing closer to cancer based charities is something big on my heart. Why St. Jude’s because cancer has impacted me in huge ways and I lost one of my closest childhood friends to childhood cancer.

I am also partnering with the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), more on that charity later.

Any little bit helps! If you want to give towards St Jude’s and my goal of $500 please click the link below! As of now 36% of my goal has already been reached thanks to an incredibly generous community, and I cannot wait to see how God’s going to honor the generosity of the few!

St Jude’s Fundraising Page for the RNR Nashville


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