Publix Georgia Marathon Recap

This past weekend was full of nerves, excitement, relief, and joy! The gratefulness to my Savior that I get to do this makes my heart want to explode.

If anyone needs to work on their prayer life, sign up for a marathon or half marathon, seriously. And I don’t just mean prayers like “Lord help me finish and not die”, I mean deep raw prayer where you experience things, see things, and verbalize things you may have never before!

So the Publix Georgia Marathon:

The Weather: PERFECT. Slightly chilly before the start, but bringing throwaway warm gear with me was a big win. It stayed in the mid-40’s getting up to the low 50’s so despite the chill on my fingers throughout it was clear, sunny, cool to keep from sweating, and ultimately runners couldn’t ask for better.

-The Course: SCENIC. Running through Atlanta has always been a favorite of mine, so getting to explore all the neighborhoods on such a beautiful day was incredible. The rolling hills through the first 2/3rds weren’t terrible, but the last 7-8 miles of hills were tough. Specifically mile 25 was a killer, thankfully training on hills comes in handy for this to keep from walking, everyone wasn’t so lucky. The finish was incredible though, so many spectators, lots of cheering, and excitement throughout.

-The Ultimate Peach Tent: This was the Atlanta Track Club‘s first year of the Ultimate Peach. In the past it has just been the Triple Peach Series (the Peachtree Road Race, Atlanta 10 Miler, and Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Half) this year they added an extra challenge of the Publix Georgia Marathon, and since completing those three last year I got to stop by tent. The complimentary massage was great, the swag bag: including engraved watch, was nice, however the food was a little big lacking – but blueberry bagels are nothing to complain about.Marathon finisher

-The Fueling : As most of you know fueling has been really tough for me, but finding products that work for you is what’s key. Here is what was offered on course (with links) – Clif Bar and Powerade. Other than Clif Bar which is a favorite, the other things that keep me fueled are Nuun Hydration (which I love because it’s clean, no added sugars), Larabar (which I love because it’s natural ingredients and you can’t go wrong with their peanut butter flavors or cashew cookie), and Sport Beans (I love these because taking just a couple gives me a boost mid-race, but don’t recommend every day). Overall the race fuel stations were REALLY well done, and finishing with a little bit left in the tank was a success in my book.

-The Result: Quality time in prayer with my Savior, engaging with the city around me, getting a few laughs on course from random happenings, hoping to make the police who stand out there directing less than happy traffic for 6 hours a sincere gratitude. Finishing upright with little soreness. The PR, Chicago Guarantee, and less than 2 minutes away from BQ was just an added bonus. And a few minutes after finishing I couldn’t wait for the next one!!!

-The Recovery: My family came down to cheer me on and it was so nice to see them as I ran through the finish line. Brunch was a must and this took a good bit of time planning, but we hit the jackpot with Corner Cafe in Buckhead. Not only did they have amazing brunch, but they sold gluten free bread which was DELICIOUS (Know Better Bread). Jon met us there from church and after consuming a veggie omelette with grits and fruit, it was time for a shower, stretch, and nap.

-What Now: A few days of rest including walking, foam rolling, and extensive yoga/stretch w/ a lot of hydration and extra food involved. Now on a short recovery cycle, Jon and I hit the gym together this morning (me walking on the treadmill and stretching, Jon actually working out) which was really nice. After one more day of walk/yoga it will be time for an easy 5K to keep the shakeout in my legs. Next up is Rock N Roll Nashville Marathon at the end of April running with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (which thanks to YOU is fully fundraised and then some) so making the most of the recovery now!



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